Spot 1 Beach Bar: ideal place for your summer

On the splendid Etruscan Coast, Spot 1 Beach bar is located in an enviable position between the sea and the pinewood, far away from chaos.

Spend one day with us enjoying a wide range of service: professional windsurf, kitesurf, surf, Sup and sailing school, moreover rental and storage of boards, sails, SUP, catamarans, pedal boat and kayak.

The beach in front is public and free, organized with sun bed and beach umbrella for your relax, while the beach bar is open all day long for tasty snacks. Enjoy one of the breathtaking sunsets drinking a good aperitivo!

For the restless ones, the nearby pinewood is perfect for jogging, biking and walking. All our guests can use our changing room and hot shower.

Come to discover the new summer alternative!


Caffè Espresso € 1,20

Caffè decaffeinato € 1,20
Decaffeinated espresso
Ohne Koffein

Caffè Corretto € 1,70
Espresso with shot of alcool
Espresso mit Schus

Cappuccino € 1,70

Latte Macchiato € 1,70
Milk with splash of coffe
Milch mit Espresso

Caffè d’orzo – Ginseng € 1,50

Acqua 50 Cl € 1,20
Mineral Water 50 Cl
Mineralwasser 50 Cl

Red Bull/Gatorade € 3,00
Bibite In Lattina € 2,50

Soft Drink / Can Dosen / Getranke
Succhi Di Frutta € 2,80
Fruit Juice / Fruchtsafte
Frullati € 4,00
Fruit/Milk Shake
Mixgentraenke Fruecht/Milk Shake


Glass € 3,50

Bottle € 12 / € 15 / € 18

Aperitivi / Aperitifs / Aperitif
Crodino € 2,50
Campari Soda/Sanbitter € 3,00
Martini B./R./Dry € 3,50
Campari € 3,00
Aperol € 3,00
Aperol Spritz € 6,00

Cocktail € 6,00/ 7,00
Gin Tonic /Lemon
Vodka Tonic / Lemon
Cuba Libre, Cubano
Mojito, Americano, Negroni, Moscow Mule

Birre Beers / Bier
Birra In Bottiglia € 3,50/4,00/4,50
Beer Bottle / Flaschen-Bier

Amari E Liquori / Liqueurs / Likoer € 3,00
Amari, Limoncello, Rum, Grappe,
Whisky, Bayles, Gin

Insalate & Piatti / Salad / Salate € 6,00/ 6,50/7,00

(Ins., Pom., Mozz., Mais, Fagioli)
(Sal., Tom., Mozz., Corn, Beans)
(Sal., Tom., Mozz., Mais, Bohne)

(Tonno, Ins., Pom., Mozz., Mais, Fagioli)
(Tuna, Sal., Tom., Mozz., Corn, Beans)
(Thunfisch, Sal., Tom., Mozz., Mais, Bohne)

(Ins.Verde, Rucola, Carote, Pom., Formaggio Toscano)
(Salad, Rucola, Carrots, Tom., Cheese)
(Sal., Rukola, Karotte, Tom., Tosk. Käse)

Caprese € 6,00
(Pomodoro e Mozzarella)
(Tomato, Mozzarella)

Caprese Special € 7,00
(Tonno, Pomodoro, Mozzarella)
(Tuna, Tomato, Mozzarella)
(Thunfisch, Tom.,Mozz.)

Primi Piatti Pasta  /  Pasta € 9,00/10,00
Primi Piatti a Scelta
Precooked  Food / Vorgekochte Vorspeise

Schiacciatine & Tramezzini
Sandwich & Co/Gebackener Pizzateig Sandwiches

Schiaccia Farcita € 3,50
Filled Pizza / Schiaccia Mit Aufschmitt


Chips € 4

Panini / Filled Roll / Belegte Brotchen
Semplice € 5,00
(Salame Toscano O Prosciutto Cotto O Crudo Toscano)
(Tuscan Salamy Or Tuscan Ham) (Toskanische Salami Oder Prosciutto Toscano)

Levante € 6,00
(Prosciutto E Formaggio Toscani)
(Ham And Tuscany Cheese)
(Schinken Und Toskanische Käse)

Ponente € 6,00
(Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Pomodoro)
(Ham, Mozzarella, Tomato)
(Schinken, Mozzarella Und Tomate)

Tramontana € 6,00
(Rucola, Pomodoro, Formaggio Toscano)
(Rucola Salad, Tomato, Tuscany Cheese)
(Rukola, Tomate, Toskanische Käse)

Grecale € 6,00
(Tonno, Pomodoro E Insalata)
(Tuna, Salad, Tomato)
(Thunfisch, Salat, Tomate)

Pirata € 6,00
(Acciughe, Pecorino, Rucola, Pomodoro)
(Anchovies, Cheese, Rocket, Tomato) (Sardellen, Käse, Rakete, Tomate)

Rustico € 6,00
(Melanzane Sott’olio, Pecorino, Pomdoro)
(Eggplant In Olive Oil, Cheese, Tomato) (Auberginen In Olivenöl, Käse, Tomate)

Vino / Wine / Wein
Vini Toscani E Del Territorio
Tuscany Wine/Toskanischer Wein

Bottiglia Bottle/Flaschen  € 12,00/15,00/18,00
Bicchiere Glass/Glas € 3,50

Tuscany Dishes

Prosc. Toscano E Melone € 7,00
Salted Air-Dried Ham And Melon
Roher Shinken Mit Honigmelone

Bresaola, Parmig., Rucola € 7,00
Beef Carpaccio, Parmigiano Cheese, Rucola
Rinder Carpaccio, Parmesan Käse, Rukola
Frutta Fruit / Obst

Vaschetta Di Frutta € 6,00
Bowl Of Fruit / Schüssel Obst

Vasch. Di Ananas Piccola € 3,50
Small Bowl Of Pineapple / Kleine Schüssel Ananas

Vasch. Di Cocomero Piccola € 3,50
Small B. Of Watermelon / Kleine S. Of Wassermelone

Pasticceria / Pastries  /  Konditorei € 1,30

* I Primi Piatti E I Pezzi Dolci Sono Prodotti Congelati, Il Pane In Alcuni Casi Può Essere Surgelato
* The Pasta Dishes Are Frozen Bread Can Be Frozen In Some Cases



Beach Bar


Pedalò e Canoe


Sun Beds

On our beach you can enjoy the sea on a comfortable bed, rent a pedal boat, a canoe or a sup.
Our beach bar serves snacks and fresh every day, waiting to capture the nuances of the sunsets.



Do not leave home your four-legged friend, the Bau Beach is the perfect place for a day of fun with him!