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Wing Surf and Wing Foil Courses in Cecina, Tuscany

Wing Surf and Wing Foil courses in Cecina Mare, Tuscany, at Spot 1 Surf School Centre thanks to professionalism of its instructors, will teach you how to enter in this fantastic world, and how to learn rules and techniques to avoid self – learning mistakes.
Spot 1 Surf School Centre has been one of the precursor on promoting this practice, finalizing a learning method for who is interested in Wing.


Wing Surf course is the first step to enter in the magic world of Wing. Objective is to manage to surf keeping the direction, learn to do basic maneuvers, like tack and jibe, using wing and board without hydrofoil. We will begin showing the equipment we will use, before on the beach and after in water. You will learn how to manage your equipment, staring to be independent as soon as possible.

Private Lesson

  • Equipment included

Group Lesson

  • Equipment included

Course 4 Lessons of 1 hour cad.

  • Equipment included


Are you ready to fly on your Wing Foil? This course is addressed to who has already a good management of wing, and are ready to glide with a board equipped with hydrofoil. We will learn more about equipment, which will be explained in every part, hydrofoil included. We will use specific board for Wing Foil in different measures, selected in base of physic characteristics of the learner and its own level of preparation, in order to learn easier and faster.

1h Lesson

  • Equipment included

2h Lesson

  • Equipment included

3h Lesson

  • Equipment included

4h Lesson

  • Equipment included

5h Lesson

  • Equipment included

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