One strong passion: the sea

Located in Loc.Le Gorette, near Cecina Mare, Spot 1 is the summer alternative to the same old summer routine, far away from crowed seaside resorts, our center is surrounded
by a century-old pinewood in a striking “soul surfer” scenario.
This project was born in 1994 thanks to Marco’s idea, then Elia and Gianni joined in 2001.
Nowadays Spot1 is one of the most complete watersport center at national level.

Thanks to our yearly experience, to offer a complete service to our customers,
in 2015 summer we opened a surf shop in Vada, Spot1 Surf Shop.
Spot 1 wants to share new experience, spread sport culture and enthusiasm for lifestyle made of simple gestures, strong emotions and a lot of fun.



He is the “senior” of the team, and the founder of the center in 1994.

He has believed from the beginning in the project and working hard together with Gianni and Elijah meant that SPOT1 become one of the most professional windsurfing centers in Tuscany.

Great passion for the sea and for the Windsurfing is together with parent Grace of Alberto, a windsurfer in the future that free time gives him wonderful moments.



VDWS Instructor, graduate in Social Science at Pisa University.

Feeds a disproportionate love for the sea and for anything from slipping over, his enthusiasm makes him appreciated by all his students.

Always ready to go in search of the “Perfect Condition” love the Wave, Freestyle and is virtually impossible to be lost in an output Surfing wave or a Party.



VDWS sailing teacher, Catamaran and Windsurf, he is the “surveyor” of the center.

Much he loved by children for its natural predisposition to the game and the fun.

Her favorite subjects are the Wave and Freestyle, and is also an avid surf in.
She loves the perfect conditions, the sea and the “Ladies”.


Windsurf, Kitesurf, Surf and Sup school available for all levels and ages.
Courses are organized for different ability levels to satisfy different needs, can be for single persons or small groups.